Kat van Duinen custom designed outfit or handbag

Custom designed outfit or handbag by Kat van Duinen, a highly respected and uber-talented fashion and accessory designer.

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katvanduinen_zipzap_auctionKat is a highly respected and uber-talented fashion and accessory designer.  Her works are characterised by resplendent fabrics, striking shapes, luxurious leathers. Wear anything from Kat and you wear sophistication and unapologetic style.

 Founded in 2010, Kat van Duinen has established itself as a leading luxury label, known for its signature exotic leather pieces, as well as ready-to-wear collections underpinned by a minimalistic aesthetic, and accented by vibrant African influences. At its heart, the brand is proudly South African, guided by a commitment to nurture local artisans and industry, as well as to source materials, whenever possible, from within this rich, eclectic country.

Refined, with a striking edge and a luxurious spirit, Kat van Duinen offers exquisite craftsmanship, premium materials and timeless design, from South Africa to the world.

Visit: https://katvanduinen.com/

The images displayed are examples of Kat van Duinen’s designs and not the actual outfit.


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