A Custom Portrait by Artist Kelly John Gough

A Custom Portrait by Artist Kelly John Gough

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kelly john gough_zipzap_auctionBold oils featured on a backdrop of virgin wood; elegant figures with a provocative, erotic edge – Kelly John Gough’s artwork embodies a breath-taking fusion of juxtapositions.

Inspired by the human form, Kelly paints striking nudes and portraits with a composition enriched by strong chiaroscuro, exciting areas of negative space and the natural grain and knots of his signature pine panel canvas.

Born in South Africa, Kelly has been painting since he could walk. After studying graphic design and working in the publishing and production industry for 12 years, Kelly embraced his first love full-time in 2001. Since then, Kelly has enjoyed exhibitions at prestigious galleries, hotels and boutiques across South Africa.

Experience the unique privilege of having a custom portrait commissioned by Kelly.

Visit: www.kellyjohngough.co.za


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